1. Residents of Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau, Quebec, receive Premium Service from BIKEMAN because that is our home city, as well we have our sister company BIKEMOBILE operating there as a Mobile Bicycle Service. If you are a resident of Ottawa/Gatineau and purchase a product from Bikeman you can choose to have Bikemobile install that product during a tune-up or bike repair. If that is the case you don't pay any shipping costs.

2. If you are in Ottawa/Gatineau and purchase a product from Bikeman, yet you do not wish to have Bikemobile do any service, you must pay $10 for any delivery order below $80, before tax. If your order is above $80, before tax, Bikemobile will gladly deliver it to you with NO delivery charge.

3. All Ottawa/Gatineau residents can also pay for their Bikeman order by C.O.D. with Visa, or Mastercard, Cash, or even Personal Cheque.

4. Only Residents of Ottawa/Gatineau also have the option to refuse their order at the door after seeing that the product is not what you expected, or needed. Bikemobile will then arrange to refund any money that you have paid for the product, or arrange for the delivery of a different product that you then choose.

5. Also get free shipping to all Canada now with order over $200 excluding tax.

6. Bikeman currently only ships to Canada but will be soon shipping to the United States and the rest of the world.