About us

Our company

Bikeman was created by Peter Westaway recently to serve a few very important needs that he felt should be addressed for the cycling public. 

Our first priority in the beginning is to assist the customers of our sister company Bikemobile. It is a Mobile Bicycle Service based in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Being a mobile service it is difficult to provide a full selection of parts and accessories on the job site.  Now with the help of Bikeman, our customers can choose from a large selection of parts and accessories before they make an appointment with Bikemobile.  We can then bring the chosen items to the customer for their next service call and have us professionally install them.  

Secondly Peter realized that almost all of the current online stores selling bicycle parts and accessories put an emphasis on the high end, very expensive components. The great majority of cyclists own a bike that is not worth three thousand dollars or more. Therefore Bikeman puts an emphasis on more affordable components that are meant for low to mid range priced bikes.

Bikeman also takes pride in offering a good selection of tools at an affordable price and we will continue to increase the number of these items.  We will continue to add more products to our existing categories, as well as adding more categories. Bikeman already carries many very small hardware type parts to assist the customer with specific repairs to their own bike.  In the future we will be adding learning tools such as videos to help individuals with repairing their own bicycles.

Currently we are only shipping to Canada, but soon we will be shipping Worldwide. Please contact us if you have any comments or questions on any subject.